Lego Storage, nesting boxes

My son’s legos are a storage nightmare! I had multiple plastic containers and they were never organized. At one point we tried to sort them but that didn’t stick. So I decided to create boxes that I could just throw them in. No sorting allowed. Although I have to say, I do love sorting. I came up with a plan to have them be nesting boxes so they neatly stack and I put it on wheels! It can easily be moved around the room and when it’s clean up time we just fill up the bins. I was going to make a lid for the top one but I’m not sure if I’ll do that. It’s working out so far!! I put an ipad next to the containers in one picture so you have an idea of the size. Also, if I make this again I will do it with mitered butt joints. It will look a lot nicer that way.


img_20160927_141615373-1       img_20160927_141723609


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