TV cabinet update

I had to replace the glass in one of the cabinet doors and I started that process today. When I first made this cabinet I hung the glass with mirror hangers. I wanted to do a rabbet cut so the glass would fit perfectly in the door frame but I didn’t have a router or table saw. I now have a router and today I finally got to put it to use. It was awesome! I thought I would have to get a piloted rabbeting bit. Which at the store cost about $25! But after doing some research and I realized I could use a straight bit and clamp some boards down to run the router against. And it worked! It was so great. I did mess up a bit but that’s ok. I had a replacement glass all ready to cut but as I was taking it out of the packaging it split! So good news, I got to use my router. Bad news, I have to get a new piece of glass and try to cut it perfectly!

IMG_20170324_122327762        IMG_20170324_124502039

Once I do that though, it’ll be onto the next project! Building a backless bench for my Mom and Dad and making a folding work table for my garage workshop! More to come…


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