TV Cabinet and outside bench

Hello and Happy Spring! The sun is finally starting to stick around here in the northwest, which is great, especially since we’ve had a very wet winter!

So I was able to route my TV cabinet doors but I ended up getting a new piece of glass and getting both pieces of glass cut professionally. It was easy and not expensive so I’m pretty sure I’ll use this local frame shop again if I need any glass cutting!

Then a tricky part was how to mount the glass into the doors. I researched different ways of doing this and decided to go with clear silicone. I have temporarily placed the glass in the doors so we are using them but I need to get the silicone to adhere them properly. But I’m happy with it and moving on to my next project….

The bench for my parents.

I’m going to use hem-fir for the whole thing because it’s so straight and smooth and even has mostly rounded edges. My parents will paint or stain it themselves once they decide what color they want. That’s absolutely fine with me as I can not stand doing finish work. I’ll post again once I start, which will hopefully be next week!!

Happy woodworking!






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