Bench update

Hi guys! So I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the bench process so I’ll make this short. I finished almost everything except sanding. Leaving the worst for last! I did use more pocket holes. Did I have trouble this time? Yes, of course. But as I type this, I just thought about what I might have done wrong. Can you go into a 1x when it’s perpendicular to another 1x? (see picture, I have two pockets holes in this, one is underneath.) Maybe that’s not supposed to happen? Anyway, the stretchers don’t feel that secure. I have never used pocket screws on this part before. aarrgghh, well, I’ll test it out once it’s all together, it might be strong enough. Live and learn! ~Michele (trying out colors, I need to upgrade my site at some point, I can’t do anything!)


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