Dog Seat and toy holder!

I made this dog seat awhile ago and I’m finally getting around to sharing it! I will type up basic instructions as well.

Basically this is used as the “Place” command in dog training. You say Place or Spot or in my case, Take a Seat! and the dog goes right to it. My friend turned me onto this and she had a friend make a box for the dog to sit on. Of course I was all over that! Ideas started popping through my head immediately! 🙂 My poodle mix loves it and both of my dogs stick there head through the curtains to grab their toys. Now if only I could teach them to put them away! 

IMG_20170407_140152613(1)          IMG_20170407_140226695

IMG_20171018_160217307_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20171018_160258382

When I first built it she was smaller, but it still works! 🙂


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