Table and chair set update!

Happy Wednesday! I really wanted to get this post out yesterday since I was on a roll with Tuesday postings but unfortunately it didn’t happen. 😦

On the upside, I’ve done a good amount with the table and chairs. The table is all set except I have to make it a wee bit shorter. So I am going to us the circular saw to take of an inch or two and hope I don’t mess it up! 🙂 I cut the chair seats out with my jigsaw, they don’t match exactly but that’s ok. I used a template I made out of a brown paper bag  and that worked fine. Here’s the table and seats, sorry, it’s hard to get a picture without dogs in them!

IMG_20171102_125935712  IMG_20171102_125941606


I cut all the legs for the two chairs and figured out how I would assemble them. I actually decided to make a notch in the back legs for extra support. I started to use my jigsaw but then tried my miter saw and it actually worked pretty well! The only issue I had was how to sand the middle part. I didn’t have tool that would work, so what did I do? I made one! 🙂 And it worked perfectly! I was so excited. Anyway, so now I just have to finish one leg and I can attached the legs and aprons! I’ll post another update on Friday! ~Michele

IMG_20171107_133831604  IMG_20171107_133841543

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