Children’s Table and Chairs

Here are the pictures of the table and chairs. They are not completely done yet. I did some staining, tung oil application and painting before Thanksgiving. My goal was to keep this table as natural as possible. I did stain the tops of the table and chairs with coffee, which works great. I also tried staining the base with beets and it made it a nice pinkish color but splotchy because it is a color stain. It was nice but not the effect I wanted. So I ended up painting it a nice pink! I think I need to do more test staining with natural colors before I commit to it! 🙂

IMG_20171128_120050449  IMG_20171128_120340894


IMG_20171128_120329464  IMG_20171128_120025419

I have one more coat of tung oil and I also might do another coat of pink before it’s completely done. It was a lot of fun doing this project. I loved making the chairs! Can’t wait to make more. I’m not 100% on what my next project will be but I’ll post that update soon.

Happy Holidays! ~Michele

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