Crazy news and Happy Summer!

Hello and happy summer!

This morning I received a crazy email. The caption read, “Top Woman Bloggers into Power Tools” Here’s the link….

I wondered, what is this and why is this coming to me? So I look at the article and start scrolling down and eventually see my website on the list!! Oh my gosh! My first thought was, I haven’t done anything in months! And then to be listed with some of the most popular bloggers is CRAZY! I feel like I should be saying, I’m just happy to be nominated… 🙂

Well, this has got me and my son (who is super impressed) thinking, I need to build something! So I have a few things in mind but in the meantime I have a couple of house  remodels to post! I installed engineered hardwood flooring in the main part of the house and remodeled our master bath. So I will post those soon. Can’t wait to get started again, thanks for the boost Tools Critic!



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