Master Bath remodel

Awhile back my husband went on a week long business trip. I decided while he was gone that I would remodel are master bath. It’s a small bathroom and we wanted to take out the old vanity to make it a bit more spacious. And I had one week, not even, 5 days! I got the painting (including the ceiling!), beadboard and sink done. I’ll do some before and after shots….(sorry, not the same view)

Before:    IMG_20170317_141035403(1)              After:      IMG_20170714_112142370

It was a lot of work ripping out the old vanity. And I decided to just frame, paint and put shelves in for the medicine cabinet. Although now I’m thinking about adding some doors. The floor was the last thing to do. We went with an engineered click bamboo flooring. I wanted a grayish floor and the floor I ended up buying was called Light Taupe so I was a little worried. But it couldn’t have been more perfect! I put a metal transition in but I think I’m going to buy the transition that matches the floor soon and install that. I think it will look much nicer!

IMG_20180629_125748782              IMG_20180629_125724056

We love the new bathroom. It was the first time I had to take off and replace a toilet. That was interesting! But it turned out great!

Coming soon….

New flooring and baseboards in the main living area of the house!


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