Weatherly Style Side Table

Summer is here I really want to make some patio furniture! I was just at Home Depot and they are starting to have sales on patio sofa cushions. I’ve decided I would make this style patio furniture from Ana White’s website.

weatherby sectional pottery barn plans 2

I will only be making two sections since our patio is pretty small. Before I jump into this however, I’m going to make a side table inspired by this design. It will have the cross sections on two sides, be open in the middle and have a stone top. I’m thinking black or maybe a cool gray? The sofa and side table will be painted white. I don’t know why I can’t get passed white. uuggghh 🙂 It just looks so nice and I already have my white swinging bench, so there ya go.

I will get plans together soon and post them. I can’t wait to go to the store to check out my stone top options! And what type of wood? Pine? Hem-fir? I always like using hem-fir. Oh well, you’ll know soon! Happy weekend!!


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