It’s a Chair!

I know it’s a pretty simple thing, the chair. But it was so satisfying to turn it upright after assembling the legs and aprons and seeing a chair!


I love it and I think it turned out great! I have some gaps to fill since I didn’t use my router for the notches but that’s ok. I also adjusted the height of the table and the back of the chair and now I’m working on the second chair. I also have to decide how to style the back rest. I’m hoping to have this work done by Monday. Just in time for my Tuesday post! 🙂 Stay tuned…. ~Michele

Update to my update…

So I JUST realized, I have a router. Remember those notches I was talking about? Yeah, I have a router. So I could feel like an idiot because I totally forgot I could use a router for the notches OR I could say, I wanted to show people how to do notches if they don’t have a router or table saw. Aaaannnnd that’s what I’m gonna go with…. 🙂

But seriously, part of the reason I do this website is to show that you don’t have to have a bunch of awesome power tools and expensive equipment to make decent furniture. But it would help if you remember that you own one! 😉

Table and chair set update!

Happy Wednesday! I really wanted to get this post out yesterday since I was on a roll with Tuesday postings but unfortunately it didn’t happen. 😦

On the upside, I’ve done a good amount with the table and chairs. The table is all set except I have to make it a wee bit shorter. So I am going to us the circular saw to take of an inch or two and hope I don’t mess it up! 🙂 I cut the chair seats out with my jigsaw, they don’t match exactly but that’s ok. I used a template I made out of a brown paper bag  and that worked fine. Here’s the table and seats, sorry, it’s hard to get a picture without dogs in them!

IMG_20171102_125935712  IMG_20171102_125941606


I cut all the legs for the two chairs and figured out how I would assemble them. I actually decided to make a notch in the back legs for extra support. I started to use my jigsaw but then tried my miter saw and it actually worked pretty well! The only issue I had was how to sand the middle part. I didn’t have tool that would work, so what did I do? I made one! 🙂 And it worked perfectly! I was so excited. Anyway, so now I just have to finish one leg and I can attached the legs and aprons! I’ll post another update on Friday! ~Michele

IMG_20171107_133831604  IMG_20171107_133841543

Children’s Table and Chair set

Wow, I think I always post on Tuesdays! I just realized that. Happy Halloween! Not one of my favorite holidays but oh well, let’s move on….

IMG_20171030_135442355   IMG_20171031_154810827


I started making the table yesterday, got all the pieces cut and today attached almost all of the legs and aprons. I was hoping to have that part done but I ran out of time. It went pretty well, just making sure it’s square before attaching the last leg. Then I’ll attached the table top. My pocket holes seem to be working well, so that’s nice. I am counter sinking and screwing in on two sides because I don’t trust using only pocket holes for that. And then I’ll cover up the holes with the button plugs. I just love those things! I will also reinforce the connection with wood corner braces. More soon…

Have a great Halloween!




Bench #4 Done!

Happy Tuesday! I am done with the bench! The process went pretty well. I have some things to make note of when I type up instructions. So the next time I make this I’ll be all set! 🙂

I am going to build another one but before that I’ve decided to build a child’s table and chair set. So I’ll be working on that next. I’ve decided to do what I did with my kitchen table, which was stain it with coffee and finish it with tung oil to make it as non-toxic as possible. I also have a few workshop items to build so more to come very soon!!



Great work days…

Don’t you just love it when you have great work days? One of mine was today. I love it when it’s pouring rain outside and I’m in the garage, doors open, dogs roaming, radio (Pandora) blaring, working on my project. Although it’s getting cold out and I think I’m going to need a space heater in there. Another thing I realized, I need more clamps. It’s amazing how many clamps you need! I used to think it was strange that some workshops have as many clamps as a hardware store. But now, I’m realizing, I can’t get enough! 🙂 I wish I had a picture to share but I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. So no pic. But there’s always tomorrow! I’m pretty sure rain is in the forecast! 🙂 Gotta love the northwest! Happy hammering… ~Michele

Dog Seat and toy holder!

I made this dog seat awhile ago and I’m finally getting around to sharing it! I will type up basic instructions as well.

Basically this is used as the “Place” command in dog training. You say Place or Spot or in my case, Take a Seat! and the dog goes right to it. My friend turned me onto this and she had a friend make a box for the dog to sit on. Of course I was all over that! Ideas started popping through my head immediately! 🙂 My poodle mix loves it and both of my dogs stick there head through the curtains to grab their toys. Now if only I could teach them to put them away! 

IMG_20170407_140152613(1)          IMG_20170407_140226695

IMG_20171018_160217307_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20171018_160258382

When I first built it she was smaller, but it still works! 🙂