Back to it!!

I can’t believe it is almost May! I am done with the house updates and now we are looking for a new house. I did use my gift cards and decided to get a router. I was planning to use the router to help me with my bed updates but that didn’t work and here’s why…..

I decided to install bed hardware from Rockler on my bed in place of nuts and bolts.


The reason for this was to make the bed a little wider and longer. I thought I would use the router to mortise my hinges into the bed posts and rails. I have never used a router before so I had to figure everything out and then my husband and I tired it. It’s not too hard to use but kind of hard to get a straight line, which is what I needed. A very straight line. So, I knew I would have to either get or make a jig. There was no time for that so I pushed my router aside and grab a chisel! The hinges are only an 1/8 of an inch deep. I chiseled them into the posts easily.

IMG_20160429_105115410          IMG_20160429_105327681        IMG_20160429_110708616

Then I looked at the rails and realized there was no way I could mortise the hinges into those. The rails are 1×10’s. So, I just had to mount the hinges onto the ends of the rails. Yes, I have a gap, which I don’t like but it had to be done. Hopefully the bed won’t collapse! Now I just need to fill in all the old (and some new) holes and paint.

IMG_20160429_111833847       IMG_20160429_144143202

I’m thinking my next project might be a dog house! I’ll keep ya posted! ps. I discovered how much I enjoyed wood carving, now I’m in search of a good wood carving project and a new set to go with it of course! 🙂


January 2016 update…


Just wanted to give an update. I am currently busy fixing and painting our house because we are planning to move this spring. Woodworking will have to be put on hold until I’m done with the house. 😦 I haven’t even had a chance to use my gift card yet! Hopefully I will be back to it very soon.

On the upside I still get to use my new drill fixing things around the house, so that makes me happy! 🙂


Happy Holidays and New Year!

I received two fabulous gifts during the holidays. One is a new workshirt from Ana White’s website! Although, my shirt really should say Coffee, Lip Balm and Lumber, but that doesn’t work as well! 😉


AND, two gift cards so I can buy either a router or nail gun! I’m leaning towards a nail gun since one of my next projects will have drawers and I think it would be helpful. And, it’s just cool!

The holidays were super busy so I didn’t get to the bed fixes yet but I will next week definitely!! Plus, today I had to fix the dog gate that my dog pushed up against a little too hard and it fell and broke. I actually think it broke because of a split in the wood that happened when I was making it. So I replaced the 1×4 and moved the one that split to the end for support and a future third panel. Thanks for the extra work Leo!


Have a safe and Happy New Year! ~m


Quick bed update


quick bed update….

I decided to go with the Rockler bed hardware for my bed. I got them in last Friday but haven’t had a chance to start the work. I am going to do that next week. I am really excited to install these, they look pretty straight forward. I’ll post updates next week! ~m





Bed updates

IMG_1          IMG_2

So the next item on my woodworking schedule is making some adjustments to my Farmhouse bed. I built this bed from plans on Ana White’s website. The bed is great but here’s what happened….

So there I was busily working on the bed making small adjustments as I normal do. I had the headboard and footboard done and I was installing the sideboards. After checking for square for the 100th time, I suddenly realized I had not checked my mattress to make sure after my adjustments, it would fit. Yikes! And as it turned out, the mattress was smooshed. The width, a bit too small and more importantly, the length a bit off and when I say a bit, I mean inches! But only a couple!

Now, I’m 5′ 2” so I’m fine! It’s my husband that’s a bit smooshed! woops, sorry hon! 🙂

So this is the reason I have to make adjustments. He’s says it’s fine but I can’t live with it, I must fix it!

So how do I that? That is the question. I can more easily adjust the length by replacing the sideboards but then the width would still be an issue. If I’m going to do this, I should do both. If I do that, I have to move my sideboards from being bolted through the sides into the 4×4 posts to the front. Actually I think that’s how Ana has it in her plans. I did find this awesome bed hardware from Rockler’s website. I might use these. The pictures above show how it’s put together and how much work I have ahead of me. Oh well, it must be done. Either way, I’ll keep you posted! ~m

Stuffed animal storage

IMG_3      IMG_2     IMG_1

Soon this shelf will be FULL of stuffed animals! All last summer I was trying to figure out a way to get my daughters stuffed animals off of the floor and in one spot. Originally I was going to do something with pulleys but in the end I decided to build a shelf and have a ladder so she can climb up to get them when needed. Also, I originally had the ladder rungs all 1 1/4 inch dowels, like the two closest to the top. However, after climbing up and down those rungs we realized your feet start to hurt if you are up there too long! So I had to convert the bottom four to 1×3’s. The ladder is typically off to one side so it doesn’t put too much pressure on the front middle board.

It works great and my son and daughter have fun getting stuffed animals up and down from the shelf. ~m


So right now I’m working on finishing a project I did last month. It’s a storage area for my daughter’s stuffed animals. I decided to put it up high so it’s out of the way and I made a ladder so she can go up and get the stuffed animals when she needs them. I just have to put one more coat of paint on the shelf and ladder and then I’ll get some pictures posted. ~m